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Hello , I am Dr Dave a Sexologist,Relationship expert,Dating coach,Scientific Match Maker,Life coach and a Health coach. Dr.Dave is an MSc in Psychology, MS in Counselling & Psychotherapy, Mphil in Counselling and Phd In Sexology. He is a member of BPA, ASECT and FPAI. He conducts workshops on Life Skills on Sundays and conducts Sex education workshops for school and college students. Do all of you understand the meaning of the services provided by Dr Dave? Here is a brief explanation.


A Sexologist is one who studies Sexuality in a scientific manner.Sexology is an interdisciplinary field that incorporates a number of subjects like Psychology, Medicine, Sociology, FamilyStudies, PublicHealth, SocialWork, Counselling and Therapy, History and Education. A trained Sexologist is an expert in these areas. A Sexual Problem is cured by treating the Mind, Body and Feelings and not only through medicines.

Relationship Expert: 

A Relationship Expert is someone who has studied relationships based on Social Research. He/She is normally an expert in the fields of Counselling, SocialPsychology, Psychotherapy, GenderPsychology, Personology and Positive Psychology.You normally consult a Relationship Expert or Counsellor for Premarital Guidance,Post Marital Problems, Partner Compatibility Testing, Living together issues and for Guidance in Gay, Bisexual and Lesbian Lifestyle issues.

Dating Coach:

A Dating Coach is someone who helps you find the person who's the best match for you. He/She teaches you to be honest with yourself and your prospective mate. He helps you conquer your relationship fears,insecurities and attract the kind of people you want to meet,date and build long term relationship with. He/She is normally and expert in Gender studies and Psychology of Love and Sex.

Scientific Match Maker:

A Scientific Match Maker is an expert in the field in the field of Relationship Psychology and Sociology.He is well versed in subjects like Society, Family, Marriage, Urban community, Values and norms, Culture, Social Perception, and Interpersonal attraction, Dr.Dave in the capacity of a Scientific Match Maker introduces two people for matrimonial consultation after matching their Physical, Sexual, Psychological, Economic, Social and Psychic compatibility.

Life Coach:

A Life Coach is an Expert in the field of Psychology who assess your goals efficiently and formulates strategies to help you meet your Goals.He is a master in the fields of Applied, Cognitive, Humanistic, Positive, Health, Occupational, Behavioural, Counselling, Sports, Personality and Educational Psychology.

Health Coach:

A health coach is someone who facilitates healthy sustainable behaviour change by challenging a client to listen to their inner wisdom,identify their values,and transform their goals into action.They help the clients find the motivationand tols to get to their Physical and EmotionalHealth Goals.He has generally written papers at the postgraduate level in Health Psychology,has knowledge of specific disease,deals with life style related topics like smoking cessation,weight mgmt,stress reduction etc.He has knowledge of Alternate medicine and therapies.

Now ,we are at the same wavelength.
Excellence in service is the common thread that binds all my services.Now let me introduce you to my services under Intimate Relationships and their brand names.

  1. Maximum Performance-Sexologist
  2. Blisspoint-Relationship Expert
  3. Mr & Miss Right-Dating Coach
  4. Real Partners-Match Maker
  5. Optimal Life-Life Coach
  6. PERFECT HEALTH-Health Coach

So if you need the services of a Sexologist, call Maximum Performance. Blisspoint for Relationship issues.
And you know the rest.

Creating Successful Sex and Relationships is my passion.To fulfill this passion I conduct talks at HELP on Sex and Relationship issues.You can watch my HELP videos 

Dr.Dave also writes for Youth Eye,Woman's Era and Gaylaxy, an e-zine for Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals.

Dr.Dave writes about Love, Sex, Marriage, Relationships, Work and Life on Google plus.

Dr Dave's interests include Reading,Acting,Writing, Films, Music, Dance,Travel ,Fitness, Modelling, Nude Photography, Theatre and Culture Studies.

I am waiting to help you.



About Dr.Uttam Dave


Dr. Uttam Dave a Sexologist, Relationship Expert,Dating Coach and a Match Maker. He is an MSc in Psychology, MS in Counselling & Psychotherapy,Mphil in Counselling and Phd In Sexology...