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Men and Women-Blisspoint

Dr Dave conducts PreMarital Guidance,Post Marital Counselling and Partner Compatibility Testing for Straight Men And Women.

What is PreMarital Guidance?

PreMarital Guidance is the guidance given to an Engaged couple on the different aspects of Marriage.It may include topics like resolving confilcts,making a committment,handling in laws etc.

Need for PreMarital Guidance:Modernisation,Technology,Women`s Empowerment.Social changes etc have brought about a lot of changes in the thinking of Men and Women.They now expect a lot from Marriage.PreMarital Guidance helps couples to frame realistic expectations about marriage and ways to achieve Marital Fulfillment.PreMaital Guidance is a must for every couple who wish to make their marriage a success.


What is Post Marital Counselling?

Post Marital Counselling is the resolution of Marital Problems through the help of a trained Counsellor.

Need for Post Marital Counselling:Married people know that one of the biggest challenges of Married life is Adjustment.It includes adjustment in all areas of life.Many couples can`t manage this which leads to conflicts .Divorce is the final remedy.However ,if couples are committed to their relationship,a lot can be done to save the marriage.A visit to a Marriage Counselor can save many  a marriages from going to the court.


What is a Partner Compatibility Test?

A Partner Compatibility test is a set of three tests you take to check your compatibility with your partner. for a long term relationship.

Need for a Partner Compatibity Test;A Partner Compatibility test will help you understand the strong and weak areas of your relationship and help you to strengthen the weak areas before your marriage.It will also inform you whether your partner is at all right for you or not..Understandably,many a relationships can be saved from
disaster if worked on time.


Premarital guidance is offered for: 
Post marital counseling includes resolution of the following marital problems:
Committment to marriage Ineffective communication
Communication Financial disagreements
Attitudes and beliefs about Marriage In laws trouble
Conflict Resolution Infidelity
Making time for your relationship Conflict management
Parenting and Children Long distance Marriage
Marital Adjustment Sexual Maladjustment
Sex life Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual spouse
Marriage and Values Children
Problem Solving Problem Spouse
Religion and Marriage Domestic violence
Gender Role expectations Other problems
Family of origin issues  
Career and Marriage  

Duration of each session: 2 hrs       Duration of each session: Multiple sessions of 1 hr (case to case basis)

These set of three tests will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your intimate relationship for a long term .Recommendations are given to increase your compatibility with your partner if you wish to enter into a long term relationship with your partner.

Duration:1 HR


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Dr. Uttam Dave a Sexologist, Relationship Expert,Dating Coach and a Match Maker. He is an MSc in Psychology, MS in Counselling & Psychotherapy,Mphil in Counselling and Phd In Sexology...