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Gay and Bisexual Men

Gay and Bisexual men

Gay and Bisexual Men face several challenges unknown to straight Men and their partners.First of all,we have little understanding of Gay and Bisexual Men.This results in a mass insensitivity towards them and their issues.Gay and Bisexual Men need the same love and care that straight Men need in their relationships.The only difference is that they seek it form someone of the same sex in case of Gay Men and from both the sexes in case of Bisexual men.

There are hundreds of books on Relationships for Straight men and Women.Almost every magazine has articles on relationships.Every newspaper has section on Relationships.Do we have any publications on Gay and Bisexual relationships.No.Do newspapers or magazines carry stories on Gay and Bisexual relationships.No.The result is ,the majority of people assume that gay and bisexual relationships are non existent in our society.

If Gay and Bisexual Men have relationship issues,do we have qualified Gay counsellors to whom they can approach?Where do bisexual men go for resolving their relationship problems.Of course ,big cities do have few centres but they are few in number.

Add to this our attitude toward Gay and Bisexual men.Most of the time it is one of rejection and Homophobia.Till the time Homophobia is eradicated Gay and Bisexual Men cannot express their personality to the fullest and be completely safe. 

This section is created to resolve the relationship issues of Gay and Bisexual Men.They face some of the same problems as do straight couples,however a relationship of two people of the same gender is bound to throw in conflicts of a different nature.

One of the biggest disservice that society does to Gays is to push them into heterosexual matrimony.Till Gay marriages don`t become legal in our country ,they should be allowed to live freely and happily with their same sex partner.I also believe that Bisexuals should only marry another bisexual to avoid conflicts in their marriage.


Relationship Expert,Dr Dave offers guidance,advice,counseling in the following areas
Understanding your gay son:Counselling for Parents of a Gay son
Depression:Curing depression in Gay men
Finding a Partner:Ways to find a partner of the same sex
Suicide Prevention:Strategies to cope with suicidal thoughts
Getting along:Means of developing a harmonious relationships with your same sex partner
Monogamy/Nonmonogamy:The challenges of an open relationship
Making a home:All the essential factors that are needed to run a home
Gay Parenting:Tips to help the personality development of your gay child
Money;How to avoid money conflicts in Gay relationships
Interfaith Relationships;The challenges of living together of an interfaith couple
Health:Tips to maintain good mental health
Coming out;Helping individuals to come out to the society
Dating:Dating ettiquette for Gay Men
Sex Etiquette:Sex rules for Gay Men
Committment:Meaning of committed relationships
Understanding Bisexuality:Counselling about Bisexuality and integrating it inti your personality
Coming out as Bisexual;Process of coming out as a bisexual
Handling Bisexual Relationships:Means to handle a complex relationship like a bisexual lifestyle
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