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indian wedding coupleA Dating coach is a Psychology professional who offers Coaching and Related products to improve their client's success in Dating and Relationships and help meet and attract Romantic Partners.

A Dating coach can help you if you have not been able to attract Romantic partners Or attract but not able to keep them. He can also help you solve all your Relationship difficulties and create more fulfilling ones.

Human Relationships are very complex and to be successful in them needs many skills like Interpersonal skills, Understanding Love, Confidence, Body language to name a few. At Mr and Miss Right we update the latest Relationship skills needed to survive in the 21st century-Discarding skills that do not work and embracing the ones that do.You are sure to find the skill you need to develop to be successful in your Relationship.

A List of Relationship Skills that help in Successful Dating:

Interpersonal Skills Rewriting online profile
Flirting Email conversation
Partner compatibility Professional photoshoots
Art of conversation Rules for online dating
Pick up lines Choosing the right dating website
Appropriate touch Flirting through inboxes
Loveology Dating multiple matches
Attracting women Protecting yourself online
Social skills Navigating through matches
Confidence online dating blues
Defeating self limiting beliefs Mobile flirting
Sexual and Relationship body language Pop tech flirting
Things that put a date off Sign off etiquette
Red flags to watch out for Avoiding web stalking
Motivation Textual intercourse
Identifying needs and wants  
People perception management  
Making others feel good skills  
Build Chemistry and Sex Appeal  
Discover hidden flaws, triggers and emotional blocks  
Patience Development  
Appearing the best  
Signs of interest  
Signs of right partner  
Dating Dos and Don'ts  
Eliminate shyness and insecurity  
What Men and Women want  
Handle Breakups and Rebounds  
Date Safety  
Avoiding Premature Intimacy  
Specialized Dating situations  
Asking right questions  
Making your relationship stronger  
Seducing a woman  
Dating secrets for Men  
Relationships that do not last  
Signs that the relationship is over  
Meaning of breakup lines  
Mending a broken heart  
Restaurant and Bar survival skills  
Challenges of age gap relationships  
Seducing a Man  
Dating secrets for women  
Recovering your power over a toxic ex  
Break your addiction to your ex  
Dealing with an unavoidable ex  
Handling your partner`s exes  
Practical solutions to everyday ex issues  
Learning from your exes  
Understanding stages of a Relationship  
Places to find partners  
Reasons why Men and Women do not call back  
Understanding Men and Women  
Developing Intimacy through Questions  
Man Management for Women  
Woman Management for Men  
Love Astrology  

Dr Dave uses a combination of methods like Feng Shui, Numerology, Crystal Therapy, Personal ads Affirmations and Coaching to help his clients achieve Dating success.

So if you are having any Dating problems,call MR & MISS RIGHT Now.

To fix an appointment with Dating Coach Dr Dave,call him on 9920655464. 



About Dr.Uttam Dave


Dr. Uttam Dave a Sexologist, Relationship Expert,Dating Coach and a Match Maker. He is an MSc in Psychology, MS in Counselling & Psychotherapy,Mphil in Counselling and Phd In Sexology...