Real Partners

Real partnersREAL PARTNERS is for UNMARRIED MEN and WOMEN of any RELIGION, CASTE or COMMUNITY who belong to MIDDLE AND UPPER MIDDLE CLASS. Registering at REAL PARTNERS is very easy.

    1. Fill in the Self Introduction form ONLINE
    2. Fix an appointment with Dr Dave and visit REAL PARTNERS office. It is better if the Partner seeker is accompanied by at least one parent.
    3. At the office ,the partner seeker will fill a detailed MARRIAGE BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION form.
    4. The partner seeker has to submit photo copies of
      a: Age proof
      b: Address proof
      c: Highest education certificate
      d: Latest salary certificate or latest income tax return.
      e: A postcard size photo with an attitude.
    5. Real partners offers yearly membership plans starting from rupees 8000
      The moment REAL PARTNERS find a suitable match you will be sent an SMS.
      Then you have to select a yearly plan.
      Details of the prospective match will be sent after payment of the yearly plan is made.
    6. The responsibility of REAL PARTNERS end after the introduction of the two parties.Prospective partners may meet for the first time at the office of REAL PARTNERS.
  1. It is important to submit a feedback of the partner you met. Please mention the right reasons of rejection. This will help us guide the rejected partner In developing his Marital Personality by working on his/her weaknesses
  2. Please inform REAL PARTNERS immediately if you have selected the partner. This will help us in keeping our records updated
  3. Please make as many enquiries as you deem suitable before you fix the match

Now that you have read the rules of Registration, it is time to fill the SELF INTRODUCTION FORM and take the first step in the direction of finding the RIGHT and BEST PARTNER for yourself.

To Fix an Appointment with Match Maker Dr Dave, Call him on 9920655464. 



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Dr. Uttam Dave a Sexologist, Relationship Expert,Dating Coach and a Match Maker. He is an MSc in Psychology, MS in Counselling & Psychotherapy,Mphil in Counselling and Phd In Sexology...