Frequently Asked Questions

A Sexologist is one who is an expert in the field of Human Sexuality.His field of study includes subjects like Psychology,Medicine,Sociology,Family Studies,Public Health,Social Work,Counselling and Therapy.History and Education.
A sexual problem can have 1 Physical causes 2 Emotional causes.It is therefore mandatory to treat the Mind,The Body and The Feelings of the Patient as well as his/her partner if need be.
Some people believe that a Sexologist cures only male sexual problems.This is not the case.The most common problems treated by a Sexologist are 1 Low sex drive 2 Erectile Dysfunction 3 Lack of lubrication in Women 4 Premature Ejaculation 5 Delayed Ejaculation 6 Anorgasmia 7 Painful Sex 8 Vaginism 9 Sexual Aversion.
A sexual problem is different from other problems in the sense that a sexual problem affects not only the individual but his/her partner as well.Sometimes the problem may lie with the individual,sometimes with the partner and sometimes with both.Hence as far as possible,the couple should visit together.It is also important to take the cross history so it is always better if both the partners visit the sexologist.
There can be several reasons why he may not want to see a Sexologist.1 He may have personal inhibitions 2 He may be socially inhibited 3 He may have relationship issues with you.If you have relationship issues with him,try to solve some of them.You can then explain to him how his problem affects you as a person making you frustrated and depressed in your sex life.Create a positive picture of the future for him.
The sooner you visit a sexologist ,the better before the relationship becomes unbearable...
A sexologist who is trained in handling LGB Individuals is equipped to help you.Yes,I do...
A sexual dysfunction needs professional help.In order to lead a happy sex life,a couple should read topics like 1 Male Sexual Anatomy 2 Female Sexual Anatomy 3 Sexual Physiology,4 Reproduction 5 Birth Control 6 Childhood Sexuality 7 Adolescent Sexuality 8 Adult Sexuality 9 Love 10 Sexual Communication 11 Enhancing Sexual Relationships 12 Sexual Behaviour.
Yes.Sex Therapy is a set of techniques used to treat sexual problems which have a Personal,Interpersonal,Psychological and Social origin.
Yes ,you can take a sexual intelligenge test which will help you achieve both the aims.It takes about an hour to complete the test at my clinic.
Some women are shy.You can take her to a female gynaecologist and get her sexual examination done.This should make her feel more comfortable.Then you can visit me with your partner.Please bring along the sexual examination report.
Sexual problems can be caused by 1 Biological factors 2 Sociocultural factors 3 Intrapsychic factors 4 Relationship factors 5 Cognitive factors.All these factors are taken into consideration before treating a patient.
After taking a detailed history ,treatment can be decided.
Yes.Sexual Communication skills can be taught.It will improve your sexual satisfaction levels as well as his.
Yes,but prepare them mentally for the session.Talk to them about the advantages of the session.
Of course.If you are sexually active ,then you need to practice safe sex
Yes.You can answer a small questionnaire designed by a sexual expert and be more aware of your sexual orientation.
You can always find out the reason for the affair and rebuild the relationship if you want to.
Yes,it includes few asanas and other exercises.
if you and your partner can visit me,we can identify the reason and work out the solutions.
well ,you can read my book Sex Education ,published by Pustak Mahal and be sex savvy.
when you have sex for all the right reasons,it will be satisfying to you.You could come down to my clinic to discuss this.
Weigh the pros and cons before you embark on such relationships.
Yes.It can make two people meet each other and have a physical relationship.
Dating like a man means to keep the psychology of the man in mind while you date.
There are some things which both desire and some are unique to each sex.
Yes. I can offer you a questionnaire which will help you decide whether Marriage is right for you at this point of time or not.
Yes. You could make a want list. Then I could help you turn it into a need list.
Yes, after a detailed interview with you ,we can work on your personality to make it more Marriageable.
Yes, I do. It takes three sessions to work through the entire set of rules.
Yes, you can find that out by a series of Physical Compatibility tests. Conducted at my clinic.
Marital Intelligence is a set of questions to determine your knowledge about Marriage.It can predict to a good extent whether your marriage will be successful or not.
Yes. It takes about 6 to 8 sessions.
It takes about 12 sessions to understand what caused infidelity, and to work on repairing the relationship.
A) Yes. A few tests can be taken by both of you to determine your psychological compatibility.
A) Yes. There are about 20 sessions in all.
A) Yes. You can come for counseling to my clinic.
A) There are 45 must ask questions to each other.You can pay a certain fee and get the questions online or you could come here to my clinic and have guided discussions in my presence.It will take about 5 sessions to discuss the 45 questions in depth.
A)Yes, she could take few sessions on Anger Management.
A) Yes. First of all ,accept her whole heartedly. You can come to my clinic for further consultation.
A) I do understand the emotional pain of separation.You can come to my clinic for counseling.
A) Your friend is right. Fighting fair means to fight keeping certain rules in mind. It results in better and healthier outcomes for both the partners.
A) Great relationships can be created. Through counseling.5 Sessions should be enough.
A) Please come to come my clinic for counseling. Of course the decision to stay or quit will be yours.
A)Yes. Do take an appointment and visit my clinic.
A)Ask your gynecologist. Then you can visit my clinic to receive tips about the same.
A)Bring your partner to my clinic and after the intake interview I should be able to help you.
A)Yes ,there are about nine of them. for example, the con artist.
A)Yes, but they can be easily overcome through counseling.
A)Yes. Men and Women have different emotional needs. So they need different things in love.
A)please do come for a counseling session for that.
A)They can provided you keep certain things in mind.
A)There are many conditions to fulfill before you become sexual .the first is ,you must trust your partner completely.
A) Yes ,a few sessions of counseling and practice is all you need.
A) You can pot for some money management tips.
A) Yes.A session should be enough.
A) Yes.If you are sufficiently motivated,you can change to improve certain areas of your life.
A) There are different strategies to handle stress caused by different factors.Come to the clinic for further guidance.
A) Yes.We can design strategies to reach your goal.
A) You can come for Life Organisation coaching.
A) Losing weight takes time.You can lose about 2 pounds per week with the aid of Psychological principals,Nutrition,Exercise and Life style changes.
A) Anger can be managed with the help of Psychological techniques.
A) A You might be setting unrealistic ,non measurable goals.
A) Yes.You require to develop certain abilities.
A) There are techniques to eliminate bad habits.
A) Yes we can overcome that addiction by following 12 steps of De- addiction.
A) You can take some counseling on the Art of Single Living.
A) There are techniques to develop a Healthy Personality.
A) Almost all except those which require medical help or Psychatric help.



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