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life coachingA life Coach is an expert in the field of Psychology, who assesses your goals efficiently and formulates strategies to help you meet your goals.A life coach helps clients take bigger action ,set bigger goals,think bigger goals,achieve more in less time. Things start to happen very quickly in your desired dream.

Many different kinds of people work with a life coach. They are Businessmen, Executives, Actors, Musicians, Creative people, Managers, Professionals and Homemakers.

Some of the most common Life skills coached at OPTIMAL LIFE are:

Personal change Stress Management
Starting a new career or business Motivation skills
Accomplishing a dream Creating an organized life
Designing a complete Life Plan Increase productivity
Blast blocks,Fears and Phobias Clear clutter
Decision Making Communicate powerfully and clearly
Get promoted Developing Healthy Habits
Time Management Creativity Development for Creative people
Parenting skills Losing weight
Conflict Management Anger Management
Building Confidence Conquering worry
Developing Assertiveness Goal Setting
Creating your own luck Developing a positive attitude
Developing self esteem Achieving Happiness
Problem Solving Basic Money Management
Defeating Procrastination Writing Business plans
Quitting Smoking Sleep Problems
Anxiety control Breaking bad habits
Enhancing Personal image Becoming Excellent
Developing Personal and Professional greatness Pain Management
Eliminate disturbing feelings living life to the fullest
Handling Teenage issues Creating Extraordinary First Impression
Thought Stopping Healthy Nutrition Habits
Concentration skills Reestablishing Hope
Tongue Management Credit Repair Management
Energy Tapping Developing Emotional Intelligence
Boosting Brain Power Overcoming Fear of Failure
Art of Living Single Developing a Healthy Personality
Saving Money Becoming Debt free from small amounts

So if you want to become the person ,you have always wanted to be,Achieve Happiness and fulfill all your Dreams contact OPTIMAL LIFE Now.

To fix an appointment with life coach Dr Dave,call him on 9920655464. 




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Dr. Uttam Dave a Sexologist, Relationship Expert,Dating Coach and a Match Maker. He is an MSc in Psychology, MS in Counselling & Psychotherapy,Mphil in Counselling and Phd In Sexology...